Avoid Home Flooding From Poor Drainage

Posted by Administrator : Friday 3rd January 2014

If you have existing drainage problems within and around your property, this could just be the beginning. No matter whether the issue is large or small, unless you have a keen eye, it can be easy to miss drainage trouble. This could result in damage to your home or commercial property.

Simple tips include smell and moisture within your property. When water sits without draining it has nowhere to go, it can become stagnant and begin to smell or the build up of water puts pressure on a buildings structure to find an exit. Sources of the water  could be rain,  underground springs or even sprinklers.

Take the time to prevent drainage problems around your property to avoid unpleasant moisture complications in your home as well as damage to your foundation.

In the event of a flood caused by mother nature, if the drains local to your property are blocked, it could increase the size of flood around your property and lead to additional damages.

If you require any type of drainage service in London from a inspection, un-blockage or piping replacement simply give us a quick call or fill in our contact form. We can have an expert drainage plumber out to you in not time.

This article was written by Mark Robinson and our plumbers from Clapham.